Baron DeByrne

Baron DeByrne

Baron Ramsay DeByrne is the 3rd Baron of Mythrad.

Baron DeByrne is a fair and just man born and bred in Mythrad. He is accepting of many races and cultures, with a passion for knowledge and sensory pleasure.

The Baron is a strong willed man of 49. He has a wife, Annie, and two boys Greig and Alastar. He has a strong sense of heritage, and feels it is his duty to keep Mythrad safe and welcoming. He runs a tight judicial system, and has a large garrison of soldiers and guardsmen. Despite this, he can sometimes be short-sighted, overlooking details in favour of the grand scheme. He is also a pious man, favouring the God Celestian. Ramsay sees Mythrad as the haven for travellers, as it intercepts several major trade routes.

He can most often be found in The Keep, where he lives, and very occasionally in the Town Hall.

His main advisers are Sister Celestine, Jabiro Yashari and Rheshus Haggor.

He is less fond of Boddynock Murnid and Karog Kothna.