Boddynock Murnid

Boddynock Murnid

Boddynock Murnid is the founder of The Cartographer's Guild in Mythrad.

Boddynock is a rock gnome originally from the Iron Hills. He is an eccentric character who is remarkably intelligent, and has a way with machinery.

Boddynock is often gaudily dressed. His grey hair is purple at the tips, and explodes out in all angles from around his oil-smeared face. He is well known around town for being a little wonky in the head, but he is also a fair businessman, and supplied the local workers with orders for components of his mechanical creations and general supplied for the Guild. As well as founding the Guild, he has also brought a new god to Mythrad; Fharlanghn. This new God has been accepted by many, but has caused some tension with others, most importantly with Sister Celestine and the Baron.

Boddynock is most often found in The Cartographer's Guild, even in the late hours of the night and early morning.

At some point, Boddynock will be kidnapped by Duergar who wants the secrets of the Ürverks; giant metal golems that Boddynock invented for the dwarves of Brǎgon Hold.