Brǎgon Castle is the stronghold which houses the dwarven royalty in Brǎgon Hold. It is also the only access to UnderBrǎgon.

Brǎgon Castle is humongous. It’s thick stone walls appear impenetrable, apart from the 50 foot irontrunk, steel studded portcullis. Four dwarf guards stand outside, wearing embossed gold armour and wielding halberds. To enter, you must have a message from a noble family or be related by blood to a dwarven family of high regard.

Inside, the rooms are cold stone. There are no carpets or tapestries, but many suits of armour and ornate weapons line the walls. The masterful stonework and smithing of the dwarves is evident throughout the castle, and priceless masterpieces of metalwork sit in alcoves. The castle clearly has many centuries of heritage behind it, and you are in awe of it’s incredible dwarfishness.

Eventually you come to a archway which opens into a hall. It is made of light grey stone, and immensely tall pillars reach from floor to ceiling, leading towards a solid stone throne. Upon this sits Orik Ironshield, Chieftain of the Dwarves, wearing thick grey robes and a stone crown. On long irontrunk tables adjacent to the throne sit his four advisers and behind them eight guards.

Orik can tell you anything and everything about dwarves, mining and the orc war. He enlist your help starting you on the Barrage of Brǎgon quest. He can also tell you that the high priest Taklod has been telling fables of ancient weapons which could assist you. You can also gain access to UnderBrǎgon from him.

You can also visit Ürgin Thaksson in his quarters. He is a chief miner who works here and at Bhardûr. He can tell you about trade and mining between the dwarvish communities. He can tell you about the To The Mine quest which Dankil will give you. Normally it is his job but he has been ordered by Orik to stay in Brǎgon Hold for the time being, due to the dangerous orcs.

Kvîstor Oriksson can be found attending to various matters of urgency in and around Brǎgon Hold and Castle. He is a young, solid man who is reasonable and respectful.

Castle Library:

Taravok Heimsson is the librarian, a short, stout dwarf with half moon glasses. He wears an embroidered leather waistcoat and a small hat.

They have a large collection of books, but only one spell book, which used to belong to Delg Stonebreaker, the Warlock of Kǎrak.

Castle Stables:

Run by Dǎrrak Rittǎrynsson, a kind dwarf clad in riding clothes. He can offer riding lessons for 50gp, 3 of which would make one proficient in riding either ponies or giant boar.

There are many of these animals stabled here, mostly for the royals.