Brǎgon Hold is home to the dwarven royals and lies at the bottom of the Bravệnbad Mountains.

Brǎgon Hold is sat at the base of the Bravệnbad Mountains in the shadow of Mount Brǎgo. It has been the home of the dwarves for many ages, since the first kingdoms. The dwarves were originally a split people, living in clans throughout the Bravệnbad Mountains and the Iron Hills. Eventually, after years of war, the Dwarves put aside their differences and united, building Brǎgon Hold as their new home. The great stone city is surrounded by a humongous wall, shielding the peoples from the ever present orcs, who continuously raid their mines and villages. Most of the hold is in fact below ground. Great subterranean halls house most of the dwarven populace, with only the troops of the Iron Wall remaining above, to defend the citadel in it’s times of need. Underground, the dwarves have flourished, and their mines have proved extremely lucrative. Because of this they now have a huge trade in a variety of goods, and have founded the Smith’s Guild, which has produced the best armourers and weaponsmiths in Errafall. Above ground you can see the castle, under which the halls lie, and several smaller buildings including a few small farm houses and a tavern. In more recent times, the dwarves have forged an alliance with the rock gnomes, who have since moved into the Iron Hills. The dwarves provide the gnomes with precious metals and crystals, and in return, the gnomes have taught them to forge giant metal golems, known as Ürverks. These clockwork sentinels have given the dwarves sanctuary from the orcs for many weeks. Within the last few months, the orcs have mustered a larger force than ever before, targeting Brǎgon Hold head on.

  • Orik Ironshield is the chieftain of Brǎgon Hold. He has 3 sons;

-Kvîstor Oriksson is heir to Brǎgon Hold

-Dûrok Oriksson is Commander of the Iron Wall, the dwarven military

-Korgan Oriksson is an adventurer, who I’m sure you know (he's a current party member)

  • Taklod Dainsson is the High Priest of Heironeous
  • Dankîl Harbeksson is master of the Smith’s Guild
  • Ürgin Thaksson is chief miner, who works in Brǎgon Hold and Bhardûr