The Brothel can be found in Mythrad. It is run by Karog Kothna.

As you approach the small building, you notice the smell of alcohol, sweat and what is probably urine. The rough wooden building has no downstairs windows, and all of the upstairs windows are covered by curtains, carpets or boarded up. The single door has a crude symbol carved on it, and the whole place make you feel decidedly unclean.

If they knock on the door a malicious, perverse little voice asks for a password.

The password is ‘stank’.

When inside the brothel, you are overwhelmed with the stench of the place, the heat, and the disturbing noises you can hear all around you. Make a CON ST (7) if you fail it, you vomit and have to leave.

The goblin doorman Snotrot can take you to the owner of the place, who has a room in the back. The large room is filled with black mahogany furniture, and only a few candles light the dark space. The wood panelled walls bear carvings of an intimate nature, from floor to ceiling. In the middle of the room is a large blackwood box, topped with deep purple velvet. Strewn across this are several women and a young man lounging in various states of undress, drinking wine and eating grapes. Sitting behind a great black marble desk is Karog Kothna, the notorious half-orc crime lord. He is dressed in ornate blacksteel armour, and has a vicious look scimitar on the desk before him. His face is an unattractive shade of brown, and what little hair he has is greasy and sticks to he sweaty head. His small beady eyes are black as jet.