The Carpenter can be found in Mythrad, and is owned by Perrin Chiselwood.

Around the outside of this small building stand chairs, desks, tables, bookshelves and other wooden object. Sitting in a little oak throne is Perrin Chiselwood, a dumpy but enthusiastic halfling. He is dressed in a grubby leather apron, which is slightly too long for him, and drags along between his feet as he hops up to greet you.

Inside the humble building are many wooden oddities, from carved deities and demons to hand mirrors, bookends, spinning tops and many, many spoons. The air smells of warm wood shavings and varnish, and you feel very nice indeed.

Here you can enquire about Ironwood Pine, where to get it, and train with him to use Carpenter’s Tools so you can make a stake to kill a Vampire. You can buy the tools from him for 8gp