Curiosities is a small shop found in Mythrad. It is owned by Nala Vertisathurgeist.

Curiosities is an ornate building, reminiscent of the Kingdom of Dracorbis, which preceded the current age. It has a high domed roof, with wrought iron spires reaching to the heavens. All the windows are a rich green, and the doors are made of heavy pounamu, enclosed by a sculpted black marble frame. As you turn the twisted brass handles the door swings open of it’s own volition.

As you stride into the greenlit room you fall under the gaze of Nala Vertisathurgeist. She is a proud green Dragonborn collector of magic and mystical items. Each item in the shop has a rich history, and many have arcane or divine qualities. Each is a treasure in it’s own right, and the hoard in front of you is more like a museum than a shop. Nala is a temperamental beast and will only sell if she’s in the mood and you’re extremely charming.

  • Roll a d6 to see how many items are on sale.
  • Roll a d100 to see what the items are
  • You must make a Charisma Check to see if you are able to buy from her, DC 10
  • Roll a d20 for extra cost (1=0% extra, 20=95% extra)
  • Roll a d4, on a 4 the item has a magic property (if it already has one it doesn’t get another) You will need to arcana check each item to see if it’s magical or not DC 10