Duru-Kaen's House is a smallish house in the centre of Mythrad.

As you wander up to the front door of a the small house, you begin to smell the unmistakeable stench of Dragonspew; the kind of drink that puts hairs on your chest, then burns them off and slaps you in the face. You knock fervently on the wooden door.

You hear footsteps as whoever is inside approaches the door. As said door swings open in your face, you are confronted by an ugly dwarf, with what is probably sick stuck in his beard. His nose is bulbous and red, with thick black hairs sprouting from it, and his eyes are bloodshot and droopy. He invites you in with a belch and a spluttered greeting.

The inside of his house is spotless. Every surface swept clean, every pot polished and each piece of crockery shining in it’s correct place on the dresser.

If you in enquire as to why his house is so perfect, he explains to you about the curse put on him. As a young man, he frequently drank too much, and after one particularly alcoholic banquet, got lost on the way home. Taking a wrong turn, he ended up in a house which he believed to be his own, but in fact belonged to a notorious hag. Being desperate for the lavatory, he ran straight for what he assumed was his own water closet, but was in fact the hag’s kitchen dresser. Before he could tell what was happening, she was upon him. Fleeing from the screeching curse of the hag, he stumbled back home. Ever since then, if anything is ever left out of place in his home, terrible things happen….

If you can get rid of the curse he’ll buy you a drink.