Elarcane's House is a large house that can be found near the centre of Mythrad.

The house you approach is four stories tall, and built in the style of the Khuuraĭ. When you knock, a woman of the South opens the door. She is dressed in a thin, lilac sari, which flows in the gentle breeze. Her face has numerous piercings and chains linking her nose, eyebrows and ears. She is the typical Khuuraĭ woman, slender yet imposing, with sharp features, tan skin and slick black hair. She is wearing the traditional jewellery of a worshiper of Pelor; a golden necklace with a sun pendant.

Her full name is Elarcane Khavu-Moussai

If you want to be invited in you must persuade/charm/intimidate her DC 25. Otherwise you may have already met her brother, Khain, in Khavὐ, and started the Desert Hounds quest. In which case she will let you in when she sees the note.

The first floor of her house is a sandy courtyard. There are potted palm trees in the corners and rockeries spread about, filled with succulents. A small self-sustaining stream trickles in the background. Elarcane leads you up many flights of stairs to her father. He lies in a plain white linen bed, with his back to you. She moves over to wake him, and as he rolls over you see the horrific scarring on his face. He has one deep, wide scar tracing from the top of his left ear, through his pale white eye, and finishing at his right jawbone. He is clearly blind in his left eye, and squints with his right to see you.

You can talk to him to try and find the location of the Gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu. He is unable to talk, but gestures over to his bedside table, in which you find a detailed map of the Khuuraĭ Desert. He points to a skull emblem on the map, before losing conscience.
Elarcane quickly hurries you out of the house, and returns to treat her father.