Guntrip's House is a fair sized house in the centre of Mythrad.

You go up to knock on the door, and it is answered by and old man. He has fair skin, and his long grey hair flows in a long plait down his back, giving away his ancestry as a man of the North. Although elderly, he wears the garments of a younger man; a green hooded robe with a leather chest plate and chaps.

He greets you warmly, and is happy to have visitors rather than the tax men for once.

You chat for a while and he comes onto the topic of his previous life. He was once a great adventurer from Verdeshire, but as he got older decided to retire, which is a luxury for an adventurer, and settle down in Mythrad. He tells you of his son, a fighter trainee called Bran Lackfuller, who still lives in their home town of Herridea. He requests your help in delivering his son a package, which contains a legendary sword he came across in Nala’s curiosity shop. He has spend most of his savings on it, but there is no postage cart going from Mythrad currently due to Karog’s bandit groups. If you could take it for him he would be able to reward you some of the spoils of his adventuring days. You start the Gallivanting Greatsword quest.

Returning from the adventure, Guntrip gives you a random item from the weapon shop with a random magical bonus.