Hathir Cloudbeard

Hathir Cloudbeard

Professor Hathir Cloudbeard is head of The Arcane Academy in Mythrad.

Hathir Cloudbeard is an ancient man, who has become slightly senile and eccentric in his latter years due to his heavy investment in magic. Despite this, he is clearly incredibly intelligent, and has a wealth of knowledge on many topics.

Hathir is probably around 100 years old, and is an unmistakeable figure. As the name suggests, his facial hair is tremendous. It flows out of his face in wisps and curls of grey smoke, slowly billowing into a great nimbus surrounding his face. Somewhere beneath this is a wrinkled smile, and capping it is his mountain top nose. His eyes are a bright blue, and although they are greeting, they look as it they have perhaps seen too much for one human’s lifetime. He has a great drive to document and teach the arcane arts to those who are worthy, and keep it from those who would abuse it.

He can be found in The Arcane Academy, his house, or very occasionally The Bibulous Bookman.

The Professor is hiding a secret from his past. His brother Halthor , once a powerful wizard, was transformed into a Nothic by dark magic, and Hathir is currently attempting to find a cure, or reversal magic. (See the Nothic Wrong Here quest)