The Herbalist's is a small yurt which sells goods in Mythrad.

Before you stands a small yurt. It is patterned with colourful embroidered designs that you have not encountered before. Out of the roof hole thin, flavoured smoke is rising, bringing with it the taste of charring herbs; slightly bitter but not altogether unpleasant.

Inside sits an old woman. She is human, but not of a sub-race you have encountered before. Her face is wide, round, tanned and wrinkled. Her hair trickles long and white down over her shoulders, and it kept it two tails by beaded rings. In her mouth hangs a long, thin pipe, out of which rises the herby smoke. Clustered around her are various plants and potions and hanging in the pack are animal pelts and drying meats.

She introduces herself as Aquillutaq. She is an experienced herbalist and can sell you various plants and animal parts.

Herbalist Shop list