The Ironwall Barracks is the stronghold for the Iron Wall, the dwarven royal military in Brǎgon Hold.

The Iron Wall Barracks is built into the stone of UnderBrǎgon. It is separated by a great irontrunk gate around which are etchings of weaponry and ancient dwarven runes.

You may enter if you have a link to the Iron Wall or any kind of letter giving you entrance from someone senior.

Inside many dwarves are sat, sharpening weapons, fixing armour, eating, drinking and relaxing. They all wear slate grey robes which are embroidered with the Iron Wall emblem. The room is carved into the stone, with tiers of rooms leading up, connected by a staircase. There are several other rooms, one for the blacksmith, another for combat practice, a mess hall and a small chapel to Ulaa.