Jabiro Yashari

Jabiro Yashari

Jabiro Yashari is an influential merchant who lives in Mythrad. He is known by many as 'The Merchant King'.

Jabiro Yashari is a hardworking man who rose from poverty in Khavὐ to become one of the wealthiest men in Errafall.

Jabiro was born into a world of poverty in Khavὐ, and has slowly built up a business empire to become a mogul of trade in Mythrad. Unlike most of the southerners, Jabiro disguarded his birth surname, Khavὐ-Yashari, because he sees Khavὐ as the home of corruption, and wishes to detatch from his shameful past. He works now as an advisor to Baron DeByrne, providing information of trades and diplomacy. This has earnt him high regard and a personal office in the Town Hall. He is often looking for assistance procuring bizarre artifacts from far off lands, and thus employs many adventurers.

He can most often be found in his office in the Town Hall, or at the market.