Karog Kothna

Karog Kothna

Karog Kothna is the leader of the Dread Bringers, an orc tribe, and runs a brothel and crime syndicate in Mythrad.

Karog Kothna is a brutal half-orc, fond of bloodshed and sins of the flesh. He runs the backstreets of Mythrad and has a reputation for gratuitous violence.

Karog is in his 20s, but has risen up the ranks of orcish society with surprising speed considering his heritage. His predisposition toward cruelty has earned him a name which he intends to keep. He became head of the Dread Bringers by killing his own father, after he attempted to exile him. He now runs a brothel in Mythrad, and runs a crime syndicate that encompasses several gangs and operatives throughout Errafall.

He can be found at the Brothel, or with his tribe in the Bravệnbad Mountains.

Karog Kothna has a few notable allies within Mythrad;

  • Rheshus Haggor, Captain of the Guard
  • Thiamor Starwalker, a dangerous half-elf adventurer
  • Snotrot, a goblin who works as doorman at the brothel

Deeper than this, Karog Kothna is in fact a fraud. He is not a half-orc, but a human Knight of St. Cuthbert from the Knight's Templar. He has infiltrated both the orc tribes and Mythrad with the aim to spread fear and corruption. His true name is Sir Harald. He is part of the Knight's scheme to convert Errafall back to the old religion of St. Cuthbert, a central element of the Main Quest.