There is a market in Mythrad twice a week.

No Market Edit

The market square is nearly empty bar the odd permanent stall and the well. A few children run around, hitting each other with sticks or playing in the earth. Locals quickly walk through going about their business

Market Edit

The square is bubbling with life. Stalls of all varieties poke their decorated heads out into the mass of people, claiming to sell the freshest, sharpest and general best of everything. The luxurious odours of spice and incense intermingle with the sweat of traders and customers. All around you the noise of trade rumbles; the clasping of hands, tinkling of coins and ruthless haggling.

There are 6 stalls.

  • 2 Food Stalls: Buy any food they can imagine
  • General Item Stall: any regular item (Owned by Ifrajan)
  • Alcohol Stall
  • 2d6 1-Armour, 2-Weapons, 3-Herbalist,4- Arcane, 5-Potion,6-Curiosity