The Keep is a massive castle-like building which towers over Mythrad.

The Keep is Mythrad’s largest building, rising powerfully above the horizon. It’s mishmash of towers and spires reflect the mix of cultures that have made Mythrad the centre of commerce that it is, yet the great stone walls make you feel safe, knowing that despite it’s sprawling nature, the city is also a military powerhouse. As you walk up to the great gates of the Keep, a man calls down from above, asking who you are, and why you are approaching.

You are turned away unless you have the note from Sister Celestine. If you do, the guard recognises the seal and barks a command. The great Irontrunk gates creak open and you are permitted to enter Baron DeByrne’s great abode.

A man strides over to you, and introduces himself as Rheshus Haggor: Captain of the Guard. He takes a look at your note and escorts you through the lattices corridors of the Keep. Banners bearing Mythrad’s coat of arms, and large emblems of Celestian decorate the thick stone walls. Quickly you become disorientated in the crossing corridors and make sure to follow Rheshus’ every step. After a few minutes you are led to a large door, on which is painted the Mythradian Arms. Rheshus knocks, and enters with you when summoned. (AFTER THIS 50% CHANCE TO FIND RHESHUS HERE)

NOTE FROM CELESTINE Baron DeByrne introduces himself, welcomes you to Mythrad and asks you a few questions about who you are, your travels and intentions. You reveal as much as you like and he will take it at face value. You hand him the letter from Sister Celestine which he takes a moment to read. He trusts her judgement, and tells you that he is in full support of your Quest to dispatch the Gulthias Cult. He offers you fair reward, but warns you that if it truly is vampires you face, you must be extremely careful!

AFTER DISPATCHING GOBLINS You explain to the Baron what you have done, and he rewards you all with 10d10gp per person split evenly. If you tell him about Seth von Karavich, he tell you that he has never heard of him, but that Vampires are truly foul creatures, and chopping off the tendrils of his cult may be enough for now.

RETURNING WITH: KAROG Lots of speak about valour, gives you 10d10gpp reward and asks you to escort the villains to prison. RHESHUS you will have to convince DeByrne that you are telling the truth, providing some evidence or else making a persuasion check DC 20. If you succeed you take him to prison, if not Rheshus is released.