Potent Potions is an elixir shop in Mythrad, it is owned by Amafrey Brewers.

Potent Potions is a wooden gallery. If it were not for the sign, you would have assumed it was a food storehouse, or perhaps an armoury.

Inside, shelves line the walls, stacked to capacity with potions in every shade of every colour you can imagine, and some you that you can’t. The air smells fairly bad, it has a peppery hit with an oily undertone.

There is a white marble topped counter bisecting the warehouse, and on the other side of the room you see a number of bubbling cauldrons, spewing smoke, steam and bubbles into the rafters.

The woman behind the counter introduces herself as Amafrey Brewers. She wears an unusual straw hat that makes you feel under-dressed and simultaneously anxious. She points you to the ‘Adventurer’s Section’, which is sparser than the other shelves, but has a few interesting concoctions nonetheless.

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