Rheshus Haggor

Rheshus Haggor

Rheshus Haggor is Captain of the Guard in Mythrad.

Rheshus Haggor is a Mythradian man, he is rugged and tough with little time for nonsense. He leads the Town Guard with an iron fist, enacting justice on the streets without mercy.

Rheshus is 43 years old, and has been Captain of the Guard since he was 34. He in under the employ of Baron DeByrne, who trusts wholeheartedly in his methods. With his help Rheshus has managed to reduce the crime rate in Mythrad substantially. The prison is never empty thanks so him, and petty crime is basically unheard of. Unfortunately, his zeal in justice has left him rather bitter, and he has very little patience, especially for troublesome adventurers.

He can be found in Mythrad Keep, his house, the Prison or the Barracks.

Rheshus Haggor has a hidden secret. He is working in conjunction with Karog Kothna. Whilst he crushes all other crime, he is secretly allowing Karog's influence within Mythrad to grow. More than this, he has facilitated the theft of a holy relic of Celestian which was on it's way to Mythrad. (See the Rusted Relic quest)