Rurik's House is a small homestead in UnderBrǎgon

The small homestead before you belongs to Rurik Brassbelt. A relative foreigner to the dwarves, he only remains in Brǎgon Hold for short periods at a time. He works as a hunter and forester in The Irontrunk Frontier. He is kind but gruff, and will welcome you in for a chat if you have some business or question for him

He can tell you the location of the honeycombs for the Down to the Dregs quest, but does not want to leave himself if orcs are still marauding.

He can also tell you that the oldest trees in the Irontrunk Frontier are in the very centre of the ancient forest. He warns you that the forest is full of danger, and you should not attempt to travel it light-heartedly. He will not leave if orcs are around. He can reward you with some money or a masterwork piece of armour.