Sister Celestine

Sister Celestine

Sister Celestine is head of the Church of Celestian in Mythrad, and is one of the Baron's main advisors.

Sister Celestine is pious and has been rewarded with wisdom and insight by Celestian. Her true name is Selenya Ashdown.

Sister Celestine is around 50, but has retained much of the beauty of her youth. She works hard as a clergywoman at The Church of Celestian, distributing food and drink to the poor, as well as helping the rich to find solace in faith. She is also an advisor to Baron DeByrne, who she holds in high regard. She is welcoming and caring to travellers, and is always willing to help out injured adventurers. She also has jobs that can be given to adventurers.

She can be found at the Church day and night, as she lives in the attached housing.

She is not fond of Boddynock Murnid, due to his faith in Fharlanghn, not is she a fan of Karog Kothna, whom she feels is a curse on Mythrad.