The Smith's Guild is a large forge surrounded by workshops in UnderBrǎgon. The guildmaster is Dankîl Harbeksson.

The building before you is constructed around a great central chimney, which pumps smoke up above ground from the giant forge within the guild. There are several work benches laden with smith’s tools surrounding it each with it’s own anvil.

Inside there is a small library, filled with books on weapon smithing, armouring, farriery and other metalwork crafts. There is also a section on legendary works and a final area devoted to sketchbooks belonging to the guild members.

Dankîl Harbeksson is a bald, but heavily bearded dwarf. He wears a broad smile and a thick apron that is probably more ash than leather. He has a spiralling cog shaped tattoo that covers half of his head, which makes him appear a little deranged.

He can tell you about all sorts of dwarven history as well as his craft. He can also teach you some basic smithing and identify weapons and armour for you (for 100gp per item). He will also ask you to help him out and start you on the To The Mine quest.

There are 5 open workshops, and each stocks 1d4 items. They have a 25% likelihood to be masterwork.