The Temple of Heironeous can be found in Brǎgon Hold. The head clergyman is Taklod Dainsson.

Carved out of the wall of the hall is a great archway, filled with a huge irontrunk door. It is embossed with etchings of ancient dwarvish runes, and adorned with precious stones as large as your fist.

As you swing open the great doors, light floods out and briefly dazzles you. Once your eyes adjust, you can see a room, at least 300ft long and lit by hot white light radiating from braziers on the walls. Multiple white marbles statues stand looking over the room, and pale pews stand in rows before you. At the end of the room is a huge white altar. Behind this sits an ancient dwarf reading a thick tome which releases a cloud of dust every time he breathes.

The dwarfs name is Taklod Dainsson. He is the High Priest of Heironeous in Brǎgon Hold, and has clearly seen more years than any other dwarf you have met. He can tell you all about the wars between orcs and dwarves, as well as any other dwarven lore. He can also answer questions about Heironeous. If you have been sent here by Orik Ironshield he will start you on the Ancient Arms quest. He has been studying the ancient texts, and has read about a legendary great-axe called Arglär, which means Butcher. This was wielded by the first dwarf Cheiftain; Jûriok Ironshield in the first battle between orcs and dwarves. He singlehandedly dispatched a whole troop or orcs after being separated from his men with this weapon, and it was buried with him. His corpse resides in the Tomb of Kings below this temple.