The Arcane Academy is a small collage devoted to the teaching of magic in Mythrad. It's chancellor is Professor Hathir Cloudbeard.

The Arcane Academy is a long, stone building, with a large spiralled tower. Four tall chimneys spew smoke into the sky in colours that you can’t quite pronounce. The building looks old, but is fairly well kept, the tall leaded windows are clean but warped, and the great sunken door looks weathered. There is a vague spicy spell hanging in the air, which at first take is pleasant, but with an after-smell that is a little too pungent.

You knock on the thick door and the thuds echo into what must be a large hall. The door slowly creaks open revealing a scraggly young man, with a bum fluff beard. ‘My name is Timoth’ He tells you ‘and this is the Arcane Academy’

You can learn from Timoth about the practices of the academy, and that it’s dean is Prof. Hathir Cloudbeard. You’re more likely to find him in his house next to the academy which he uses as an office. The academy is currently attempting to create magically potions to cure a disease which has been plaguing the peasantfolk. The disease is known as Pasteurella vulgaris or Pauper’s Plague. There are many rumours about how it is spread and what causes it. As well as this some of the other wizards are working on their own projects.

If you look around the upper floor of the university you come into a narrow corridor, with 4 doors on either side, leading to a dead end which must be the tower wall. Each room is labelled with a name, but these wizards only see you on appointment.

  • Prof. Sanaret
  • Prof. Caligo
  • Prof. Callicus
  • Prof. Kherilli

The tower is Hathir’s intended work space, and remains locked almost all the time. If you ever manage to get in, you can find a false bookshelf, behind which is a Nothic. If you press Prof. Cloudbeard about this he reproachfully tells you that it was once his brother, who was consumed by dark magic during a catastrophic experiment. He hopes one day to find a cure.

If you have an appointment with Prof. Sanaret he tells you more about the Pauper’s Plague, and sets you on the Pauper’s Plague quest.