The Bibulous Bookman is an inn in Mythrad. It is owned by Esmeredith Gellit.

To stay a night here costs 8sp

The Bibulous Bookman is a friendly, charismatic inn visited mostly by the local academics, students and teachers alike. Among these regulars are the odd traveller, merchant and respected landowners. The tavern is owned by a woman called Esmeredith Gellit. Inside, there are long tables stretching the length of the main room, with a small bar at one end. Behind this are stacks of whiskies, ports, rums, vodkas, gins, wines and other liquors you have never seen before. To one side of this is a small alcove, filled with long, starred hats of deep blues, purples and black.

The barmaid is a young woman; Ellody Gellit, a cousin of Esmeredith. She has a cheerful disposition and is used to the uncontrollable eccentricity of the academic caste.

Insight (12) You scan the room and quickly pick out the head figures from amongst the students. These are Prof. Sanaret, Prof. Caligo, Prof. Callicus, Prof. Kherilli. You can arrange to meet these men the next day in The Arcane Academy if you wish, they might want a drink or a game of chess or something.

Sanaret and Kherilli study Pauper’s Plague. Calligo is trying to predict the weather from the stars. Callicus is failing to make run faster shoes.