The Broken Blade is a large tavern in UnderBrǎgon owned by Löikk Bǎrinsson.

A night here costs 8sp, ales are 4cp.

The Broken Blade Inn is a large stone building which bubbles with life. The proverbial blade hangs above the door. It is fabled to be Jûriok Ironshield’s ancient blade, which he used to claim Brǎgon Hold from the orcs in centuries past. You can steal it, but if the dwarves find out they’ll be super mad. The blade, if fixed, gets +2 to hit and dmg against orcs.

Inside, the dwarves are clearly having a brilliant time. Ale after ale is being ordered from the barman; Löikk Bǎrinsson. The bar is decorated with decorative swords and coats of dwarf sized armour. They are all emblazoned with ancient dwarvish runes and are masterwork pieces, clearly produced by the master smiths.

You can order several kinds of ale;

  • Brǎgon Pale Ale
  • Iron Brew
  • Bhardûr Press
  • Oakenfall Ale
  • Kǎrak Ale
  • They also sell Arafapis, a rare mead (40gp) (Gives you +1 CONS for an hour)

There is only one bottle of the mead left. Löikk explains that he can’t manage to get the honey imported from the Irontrunk Frontier due to the orc blockade. If you’re willing to help, he starts you on the Down to the Dregs quest.