The Cartographer's Guild is an educational establishment founded in Mythrad to assist in the mapping of the world. It is run by Boddynock Murnid.

The Cartographer’s Guild is one of the larger buildings in Mythrad. It is made from large blocks of sandstone, in the style of the Southern men; the roof is flat and the ironwood door has a raised triangle on it. Hanging above the door is a colourful banner embroidered with a circle, crossed by a curved, horizontal line; the symbol of Fharlanghn.

Inside the building is whirring with small clockwork machines. The sound of clinking, ticking, scratching and ticking fills the large workshop. The air smells like oil and steam, and strewn everywhere are little scraps of metal; cogs, pins, wheels and thousands of other bits and bobs. Along the walls are huge canvases, on which are drawn detailed maps of the many kingdoms of Globus. There are many stacks of parchment in barrels in between the workbenches. Taking pride of place on the back wall, encased in a glass frame, is a gigantic map of the entirety of Globus. It is many feet long and wide, this is the first time any of you have seen a full map of the world, and it fills you with awe. There are many other gnomes around, working on maps or tinkering with various oddities. Assisting them are a few apprentice cartographers, mostly men of Khuuraĭ.

Sat at the largest workbench is a gaudily dressed gnome. His grey hair is purple at the tips, and explodes out in all angles from around his oil-smeared face. He is wearing a short leather apron, and over the top of this pops a yellow spotted bowtie. Sparks fly onto his goggles as he welds another joint on what appears to be a little clockwork spider. When he finally notices you admiring his work, he beckons you over and introduces himself cordially as Boddynock Murnid: Master Cartographer. He inquires about your travels, he knows an adventurer when he sees one, and admits his jealously. He always wanted to be an adventurer, but is now too old. He asks if you would do him a favour, and starts you on the Cartographer’s Crusade quest.

At some point Boddynock will be kidnapped, and the party will have to find him.