The Church of Celestian can be found in Mythrad. It is the main place of public worship for followers of Celestian, as well as housing the clergy. The head of the order is Sister Celestine.

The Church of Celestian can be seen against the horizon from far out of Mythrad, standing nearly as tall as the great Keep itself. The building is made of great blocks of grey stone, which is accented by beautifully crafted stained glass windows. The largest of these depicts a humanoid figure, with a starred halo, walking a long track into the distance. He holds a staff in his left hand, with is topped with a circle, surrounding an arc of seven stars. In his left hand is an engraved brass telescope. This masterpiece leads up to the gigantic bell, which tolls once every hour.

Inside, the church is typical of a traditional temple. There are rows of pews in the nave leading up to the chancel. Above there are galleries reserved for the choir. After the steps leading up to the chancel there sits a great, white marble altar. Upon this are candles, books, robes and golden goblets. There is also a Celestian emblem in silver. Along all the walls are wonderful paintings of Celestian incarnate, either travelling or stargazing.

As you walk toward the chancel an elderly woman strides out to meet you. Her name is Sister Celestine. She is the priestess of the church, and invites you to sit with her a while.

If she deems the party a good and respectable people, she will ask you to help her. Recently she has been privy to council of several peoples from the surrounding towns of Pintown, Rosville and Brynville. She has heard rumour of goblin cults, foul magic and vampiric attacks. She enlists your help, if you will assist her, to find out more. She recommends visiting the Great Library, and also writes you a note to take to Baron DeByrne. Also, perhaps a visit to Professor Cloudbeard.

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