The Crooked Cannon can be found in Mythrad. It is a tavern owned by Ollithar Brewer.

A night here costs 1sp.

The Crooked Cannon is a shabby looking establishment. Small windows allow a quick peek into a dimly lit room. There a several small, makeshift tables dotted around, with crates for seats. Sat around these and at the bar are the peasantry and rogues of Mythrad, and sprouting among them are the easily recognisable figures of adventurers.

Once inside, you can smell the yeasty ales and tarry smoke being consumed by the patrons, as well as the odd whiff of an odd meat pie. The space is decorated with horseshoes, brass saddle decorations, and other trinkets. Above the bar hangs a bizarre object, which looks like a hollow iron tube, bent at one end.

Behind the bar stands Ollithar Brewer, a stocky, middle aged man with an astounding moustache.

Looking around the room you pick out a few characters; and angry looking farmer, a shadowy half-elf rogue and an adventurous looking female dwarf.

FARMER: As you walk over to the farmer, you hear him complaining to his mates about a mysterious beast that has been ravaging his flock... The farmer’s name is Lander Fairfield, he is a stocky man of around 40, dressed in a muddy overall with a dusty straw cap upon his head. He has heard of your deeds of valour from Baern and asks for your help. You may offer your services to him to help find out what is going on. Start’s the Bane of Field and Forest Quest.

ROGUE: As you approach the shady looking figure he appears to try and melt into the darkness, recoiling into his seat. If you sit with him he introduces himself as Thiamor Starwalker. He will not tell you why he is here unless you can make him somehow DC 15. If you manage it, he reveals that he was supposed to meet Rheshus Haggor and deliver him a note. The note reads ‘gsv ivorx rh hglovm’ (the relic is stolen). He then refuses to tell you anymore and hurriedly leaves.

DWARF: The dwarf greets you heartily, she is called Torbera Holerderk, and offers to buy you all a drink, claiming she can always tell an adventurer from the normal folk, and would be glad to buy her kin a drink! Once you’ve got past basic chit chat, she reveals that she has an old map, passed down her family, and is looking for someone to go adventuring with. She promises that there is treasure hidden in a network of caves by Bhardûr Mine, and that If you accompany her she will give you a fair share of it! You start the quest Kobold Caves.