Legends tell of a vampire named Gulthias who worked terrible magic and raised up an abominable tower called Nightfang Spire. Gulthias was undone when a hero plunged a wooden stake throughhis heart, but as the vampire was destroyed, his blood infused the stake with a dreadful power. In time, tendrils of new growth sprouted from the wood, growing into a sapling infused with the vampire's evil essence. It is said that a mad druid discovered the sapling, transplanting it to an underground grotto where it could grow. From this Gulthias tree came the seeds from which the first blights were sown.

Recently,the Cult of Gulthias has been perpetuated through the vampire Seth von Karavich. Manipulating goblin malignities and converting their leaders into his spawn, von Karavich has successfully spawned several goblin cult strongholds in Pintown, Rosville and Brynville.