The First and Last is a tavern within the walls of Brǎgon Hold, it is owned by Ünghil Hradsson.

A night here costs 1gp.

A typical dwarven tavern fill the air with the sounds of drinking and merry making. You can hear from outside a bard playing, and at least 12 dwarves singing along.

Inside the inn is bubbling with life. Tipsy dwarves shuffle this way and that, sloshing their great pints of ale onto the floor and slipping in the puddles of their predecessors. Many of the company bear the emblem of the Iron Wall on their lapels, and have battle scars to match.

The bartender’s name is Ünghil Hradsson. He has a variety of ales;

  • Brǎgon Pale Ale
  • Iron Brew
  • Bhardûr Press.

The bartender can tell you about the Orc Raids, and the Iron Wall, but not much else non-alcohol related.

Looking around you notice a familiar face; Dûrok Oriksson

Dûrok can get you access to UnderBrǎgon through the castle.