The Town Hall is an office in Mythrad.

The town hall is distinguished from the other long-houses by the coat of Mythrad swinging from the door sign. Inside are a few small rooms, and one large hall at the back. The hall is clearly used for a number of different things. There are pews running the length of the hall, and at the front stands a lectern. Behind this is a blackboard, with the scrawling of basic mathematics on it.

The offices have labelled doors. Jabiro Yashari, Seline Riverstonn and Baron.

Jabiro is in his room, and greets you warmly with a common Southerner greeting, the touching of palms. He is known by most as the Merchant King, as he rose from poverty in Khavὐ to become one of the most affluent men in Errafall. If you can convince him you are able, he may send you on mini quests to retrieve random items of worth for him. You can also sell him oddities.

Seline is also in her office. She is the schoolmistress and teaches the children of Mythrad. She is highly intelligent and caring, but strict. She is well versed in Mythradian history, and can tell you about the cultural conflicts within the city.

Baron DeByrne is not in, and judging by the layer of dust on his door, rarely frequents the town hall.