Vallida's House is near the centre of Mythrad.

Vallida lives in a small cottage, of classic Northern design. She invites you into her home, which is decorated brightly with dressers of fine crockery, but has many cobwebbed corners, and offers you all a nettle tea. She is a cheerful, attractive young woman, and welcomes your conversation, she doesn't get many visits, as her family is from Milmashire, and are elderly now.

1 tea = 4 CON, if your cups exceed your CON, you will fall asleep. If the whole party falls asleep, you awake in a makeshift bed in the kitchen. All your money is gone, and Vallida is nowhere to be found.

She is a Green Hag DC 25 Investigate to find that out, must touch her. If you find this out, she instantly becomes invisible and flees the house.

Start the Haggling with a Hag quest.